Terms & Conditions of use

  1. NorthYorks.com (CSI Software) act only as an advertiser of  property for accommodation owners. We cannot verify or guarantee the accuracy of the property entry as made by the property owner.
  2. Hiring contracts are solely between the property owner and the holidaymaker. NorthYorks.com will not enter into any contract or agreement between owners and holidaymakers. NorthYorks.com cannot enter into any dispute between a property owner and a holidaymaker.
  3. The holidaymaker must contact the property owner directly as NorthYorks.com will not act as a booking agent for the property owner.
  4. No claim may be made against NorthYorks.com regarding the accuracy of property details or availability details.
  5. No liability can be accepted for the accuracy of availability. The property owner has responsibility for updating availability for his/her accommodation and facilities are provided for this purpose.
  6. NorthYorks.com will endeavor to maintain facilities for property owners but does not accept liability in the event of server malfunction, programming error or loss of data.


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